Judges smelling white wines
Médaille du Sauvignon Selection by CMB


During blind tasting sessions, exclusively professional judges assess the wines with integrity for their quality, expression and balance.

Alonso Castaño Andrea
Alonso Castaño Andrea Spain
Bader Petra
Bader Petra Austria
Bigot Giovanni
Bigot Giovanni Italy
Bornmann Jörg
Bornmann Jörg Germany
Botha RJ
Botha RJ South Africa
Bousquet Mathieu
Bousquet Mathieu France
Brandl Thomas
Brandl Thomas Germany
Brejc Dusan
Brejc Dusan Slovenia
Carry Catherine
Carry Catherine France
Carus Michael Alexander
Carus Michael Alexander Germany
De Leeuw Peter
De Leeuw Peter Belgium
Desprats Alain
Desprats Alain France
Di Pietro Fabio
Di Pietro Fabio Italy
Faber Carola
Faber Carola Germany
Fiala Johannes
Fiala Johannes Austria
Gasiorek Pawel
Gasiorek Pawel Poland
Goumaz Anick
Goumaz Anick Switzerland
Grohne Solveig
Grohne Solveig Germany
Guery Patricia
Guery Patricia France
Gundlach Alice
Gundlach Alice Germany
Hebert Yohann
Hebert Yohann France
Hill Will
Hill Will United Kingdom
Hulot Mathilde
Hulot Mathilde France
Hurren Louise
Hurren Louise United Kingdom
James Jim
James Jim Netherlands
Johst Marc-Anton
Johst Marc-Anton Germany
Jouglet Sueur Agnès
Jouglet Sueur Agnès France
Karlsson Per
Karlsson Per Sweden
Ketolainen Pasi
Ketolainen Pasi Finland
Kneib Klaus
Kneib Klaus Germany
Luttenberger Werner
Luttenberger Werner Austria
Monteiro Luma
Monteiro Luma Brazil
Nagel Sharon
Nagel Sharon United Kingdom
Negrete Manuel
Negrete Manuel Mexico
Nemond Raphaël
Nemond Raphaël France
Parker Wong Deborah
Parker Wong Deborah United States
Pleininger Hans
Pleininger Hans Austria
Potzinger Stefan
Potzinger Stefan Austria
Romeo Giovanna
Romeo Giovanna Italy
Rosenbergen Andreas
Rosenbergen Andreas Austria
Roveda Simone
Roveda Simone Italy
Saget Luke
Saget Luke France
Sams Henry
Sams Henry Austria
Schabacker Michael
Schabacker Michael Germany
Scharnagl Waltraud
Scharnagl Waltraud Austria
Schiettekat Mark
Schiettekat Mark Belgium
Senoner Andre’
Senoner Andre’ Italy
Serna Fredrik
Serna Fredrik Sweden
Smiciene Jolanta
Smiciene Jolanta Lithuania
Smullen Jean
Smullen Jean Ireland
Tamagnan Gilles
Tamagnan Gilles France
Teremetz Daphne
Teremetz Daphne United Kingdom
Tondeur Johan
Tondeur Johan Belgium
van Lieshout Margeretha
van Lieshout Margeretha Netherlands
Wachter Wolfgang
Wachter Wolfgang Austria
Wapstra Richard
Wapstra Richard Netherlands
Wiesen Marc
Wiesen Marc Luxembourg

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