Judges smelling white wines
Médaille du Sauvignon Selection by CMB


During blind tasting sessions, exclusively professional judges assess the wines with integrity for their quality, expression and balance.

Alonso Castaño Andrea
Alonso Castaño Andrea Spain
Amadei Andrea
Amadei Andrea Italy
Borboa Suárez Carlos Armando
Borboa Suárez Carlos Armando Mexico
Bourgeois Christopher
Bourgeois Christopher France
Bowman Winifred
Bowman Winifred South Africa
Bundgaard Morten
Bundgaard Morten Denmark
Christensen Rasmus
Christensen Rasmus Denmark
Coetzee Carien
Coetzee Carien South Africa
De Leeuw Peter
De Leeuw Peter Belgium
Dhafana Joseph
Dhafana Joseph South Africa
Doerr Achim
Doerr Achim Germany
Duminy Heidi
Duminy Heidi South Africa
Eedes Christian
Eedes Christian South Africa
Gottwalles Lars
Gottwalles Lars Germany
Groenewald Rene
Groenewald Rene South Africa
Gundlach Alice
Gundlach Alice Germany
Haugen-Kind Mona
Haugen-Kind Mona Norway
Hulot Mathilde
Hulot Mathilde France
Hurren Louise
Hurren Louise United Kingdom
Jantzen Birte
Jantzen Birte France
Kapczyński Mariusz
Kapczyński Mariusz Poland
Karlsson Per
Karlsson Per Sweden
Lambert Malu
Lambert Malu South Africa
Lescieur Padilla Gloria
Lescieur Padilla Gloria United States
Loze Benjamin
Loze Benjamin France
Mandard Jean Christophe
Mandard Jean Christophe France
Marston Cape Town
Marston Cape Town South Africa
Mazza Fabio
Mazza Fabio Italy
McDonald Fiona
McDonald Fiona South Africa
Merchiers Christoph
Merchiers Christoph Belgium
Michaud Thierry
Michaud Thierry France
Monteiro Luma
Monteiro Luma Brazil
Montes Baseden Aurelio
Montes Baseden Aurelio Chile
Mutambe Greg
Mutambe Greg South Africa
Nagel Sharon
Nagel Sharon United Kingdom
Nemond Raphaël
Nemond Raphaël France
Piubello Alessandra
Piubello Alessandra Italy
Potzinger Stefan
Potzinger Stefan Austria
Rautenbach Francois
Rautenbach Francois South Africa
Riera Pi Anna
Riera Pi Anna Spain
Sams Henry
Sams Henry Austria
Schiettekat Mark
Schiettekat Mark Belgium
Schoovaerts Philippe
Schoovaerts Philippe Belgium
Sester Barbara Agnes
Sester Barbara Agnes Germany
Sidore Paula Redes
Sidore Paula Redes Germany
Smullen Jean
Smullen Jean Ireland
Teremetz Daphne
Teremetz Daphne United Kingdom
Thomas Marie
Thomas Marie France
van Lieshout Margeretha
van Lieshout Margeretha Netherlands
Verbeek Barbara
Verbeek Barbara Netherlands

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